• Boston-Paris
    Biotechnology Summit™

    The Boston Biotechnology Summit travels to Philadelphia, PA, to be held on Sunday June 2, 2019 at The Prestigious Wistar Institute in prelude to 2019 Bio Convention in that city
    The new Summit Website will be launched in January 2019
    The New Program is being developed
    Happy Holidays!

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  • Our Mission

    The Boston Paris
    Biotechnology Summit

    is an exclusive, trans-Atlantic bridge designed to foster innovative synergies
    between biotech and pharma companies, healthcare-focused cities,
    and regional clusters, institutional, philanthropic and strategic investors.
    The Summit's intent is
    to spark projects, their financings and strategic deals to solve unmet medical needs to improve patient lives globally.

  • Our Topics

    • Aligning Corporate Development with Corporate R&D Strategy to enter the US Market
    • Boston Venture Capital & Fundraising
    • Corporate Development in the Boston
    Biotechnology Capital
    • Innovation in Practice
    • Medical Plan for the US
    • Optimized Legal Strategy in the US
    • Public funds, Public Policy & Biotech Development
    • Regulatory Strategy